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I like big mutts and I cannot lie

This year, I started rescuing and fostering dogs. This will be easy, I told myself. It's going to be great. After all, I've always been a sucker for dogs. My own dog Gaston is a rescue.




Love isn't enough. This shit is not easy.

Sometimes though, the planets align, and you rescue a dog that makes it so ridiculously easy you wonder why you even thought it was hard in the first place.

My favorite story (so far) is Zeus, a Great Dane that was was rescued, vaccinated, neutered, and ADOPTED!!! all in less than a week.

That NEVER happens.

I first came across Zeus on Facebook. My brother sent me a post from someone begging for help with Zeus in Baja. He was chained and had a nasty tumor in his eye. He also had bloody wounds from the tree branches behind him.

This sweet boy had been chained up outside his home for four years and didn’t have anything in the way of joy in his life. Rain or shine. Freezing cold or scorching heat.

For context, Mexicali, Baja California is one of the hottest places on the planet.


I fell in love with Zeus from the moment I saw his photos. Not only because I have a certain proclivity for giant pups (there's just something about gentle giants), but also because bigger dogs are harder to save.

Harder to take anywhere. Harder to train. Harder to get loving homes. They need more space, more food, cost more, their shits are massive, etc. Very few go out of their way to rescue/foster big dogs.

People kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to foster him.

"He's a big boy."


After a few days at the vet, I finally met him. It was love. He was love. Gaston loved him. Despite his horrific past, his soul was pure.

He spent the night with me and the following morning, I received a call from a family who wanted to meet him. They were interested in adopting Zeus! Best news ever!

Again, that NEVER happens.

You know how the story ends. Zeus was adopted in a day!

I'm thrilled he found a loving home. I did sob when he left. That also nevers happens. I've only ever cried with my first foster. But there was just something about Zeus. Something so special.

Zeus loves his new dad

Zeus thinks he's tiny

Zeus now lives chain-free for the first time in his life. He's learning how to go on walks, loves snuggling on the sofa with his dad, who fell in love with him right away.

Go, Zeus! You deserve the best life, sweet boy. My heart is full.

A special thank you to his adopters for choosing adoption and for being such wonderful dog parents. This is what it's all about.

Now I can help another precious dog!

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